How to book a ride

It's super easy and simple booking a ride with Taxido Moto. Below is a diagram showing you how to order a ride. 

  • Set your destination After registering though the Taxido app. Set your collection point and destination.
  • Choose Moto Vehicle Select the moto type that you would like to travel via.
  • Payment made easy Select the payment method that is best for you. Cash, Debit/ Credit card, Wallet.
  • Enjoy your Ride & Review Your driver will contact you on arrival. After your journey give your genuine feedback and reviews after the ride is completed.

Calculate your trip

Calculate your journey before booking. 


Our Services

Our objective is to provide users with the ability to travel and the press of a button hassle-free.
  • Environment Friendly

    We also take care of the environment so we have also launched bike taxi services. This type of service is completely environment-friendly and one can easily enjoy this service without any hassle.

  • Wide variety of options

    Customers have a wide variety of options to choose from. They can enjoy choosing a Motorbike, scooter, Moped vehicle option.

  • Professional Drivers

    Our drivers are well trained and have good knowledge about the routes that they have to travel. They are also provided with traffic updates to ensure you get to your destination in a timely matter.

  • Safe Ride

    The rides offered to the customers are safe and reliable. The drivers are checked based on their criminal records and drug tests before they are hired.

  • Manual Booking

    Users without an internet connection are able to book rides by calling the Taxido office.

  • Estimated Fare

    Users are able to get an estimate fare price. So you are to know the price of your journey before it even starts.

Our Benefits

As we're always thinking about user experience we have listed a few benefits down below.
  • Automate Ride Assign

    Ride request will be automatically sent to nearest available Moto Drivers.

  • Easy Payment

    Hassle-free payment using Cash, Debit/Credit card or Wallet.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Rate your experience with Taxido Moto. This helps us to improve so you can enjoy a better service.

  • Book Now or Later

    users have the option to book the Moto Ride for now or some later time.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Riders can track their Drivers in real-time with ETA detail.

Moto Types

There are a wide variety of vehicles available through the app. Whether you want to hire a Scooter or a Motor Bike, Taxido Moto has a bike for you.

  • Scooter
  • Motor Bike
  • Sports Bike

Download the app now

Download Taxido today and enjoy travelling with excitement. 

  • Estimate fair 
  • Live journey tracking 
  • Social media integration
  • Share journey information 
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Earn more money

Become a Taxido Moto driver and enjoy the freedom of earning when you're available. 

Security done correctly

As well as providing our users with there drivers details when their ride is accepted, we also ensure that all driver documents are up to date and legal. 

Haven't got a internet connection, not to worry just call the Taxido office to book a journey

Call now and book a ride. 

0131 211 0600


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