Booking a ride

Booking a ride is easy and seamless. Shown below is a step by step diagram to booking a ride. 


  • Sign up Sign up though the Taxido app and provide the relevant information required.
  • Provide Location details Set you collection point and destination.
  • Choose Vehicle Type Choose the vehicle that suits your needs, then wait for your ride to be accepted.
  • Enjoy your Ride Your driver will contact you on arrival. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Calculate your trip

Calculate your journey before booking. 

Our Services

Whether you are heading to work or meeting up with friends Taxido offers its users with a seamless taxi booking service.
  • Taxi Services

    Providing our users with am on-demand and book later taxi service which can be arranged in a matter of seconds.

  • A ride that suits you

    Users can choose a vehicle that suits there needs. Whether you are meeting a friend or heading back from the store with your shopping, Taxido has a vehicle that suits you.

  • Professional drivers

    Our drivers have good knowledge about the routes they travel as being equipt with the most up to date GPS navigation to ensure that you get to your destination.

  • Safe ride

    The rides booked by our users are safe and secure. We ensure that all driver documents are in order. So just sit bad and enjoy your journey.

  • Estimated fare

    Users are provided with an estimated fare when booking a ride. Payments can be made via Cash, Debit/Credit card, Apple pay and the in app wallet.

  • Customer care support

    If users facing difficulty or any kind of problem regarding a ride then they can immediately contact the customer care executive, 24/7customer care assistance is provided at all times.

Our Benefits

As we're always thinking about user experience we have listed a few benefits down below.
  • Login with your social media

    This feature allows users to seamlessly login to Taxido using Facebook, Linked, Twitter in and Google+.

  • Vehicle Selection

    Users can choose the vehicle types that best suits there needs.

  • Fare Estimation

    Users can calculate the Fare before the Ride based on the pickup and drop off locations entered.

  • Ride Now Or Ride Later

    Users can choose whether to book a ride now or book a ride later.

  • Verification

    Email and Mobile Authentication is used to prevent fraud.

  • SOS Panic Button

    Users can press the SOS button in case of emergency during the Trip.

Taxido Kiosk Booking

Visiting a hotel, restaurant or supermarket. Look out for the Taxido Kiosk Tablet located at reception and at the front of the store, here you can book a ride to wherever you need to go. Taxido Kiosk is designed to make travelling easier and efficient all with the press of a button. 

Just select your pick up location, destination and vehicle type then the Taxido app will match you with the nearest driver. 

Car Types

There are a wide variety of vehicles available through Taxido. Whether you are looking for something big or small we can match you with want you are looking for.

  • Taxido
  • Taxido XL
  • Taxido Lux
  • Taxido Access

Download the app now

Download the app now and start enjoying travelling at the tap of a button. 

  • Estimated fare
  • Real-time tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Share journey information 
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Earn with Taxido

Drive with Taxido and earn when it suits you. Taxido offers drivers the ability to log in and earn when you're available, register as a driver today and start earning today. 

Security done correctly

As well as providing our users with there drivers details when their ride is accepted, we also ensure that all driver documents are up to date and legal.

Haven't got a internet connection, not to worry just call the Taxido office to book a journey

0131 211 0600

Book a ride now. 

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